Lesman serves as authorized distributor for WIKA mechanical pressure gauges, pressure and differential pressure, and temperature transmitters, and bimetallic and industrial thermometers. We stock several popular configurations, sizes, and ranges of WIKA mechanical products, so they're available to ship within 24 hours. Need a chemical seal on your switch, gauge, or transmitter? We've removed the potential for downtime and rush charges with our WIKA-certified assembly station, and improved stock of most popular transmitters, switches, gauges, diaphragm seals, and fill fluids. Lesman customers can experience next-day delivery on custom assemblies from in-stock instrumentation. Lesman is also the exclusive regional representative for Gayesco temperature sensors and Fluidic Techniques (FTI) primary flow elements, as well as WIKA magnetic level indicators. WIKA Gayesco tubeskin and multipoint temperature sensors are designed for process furnaces, chemical, petrochemical, and power generation industries. WIKA 3D Instruments direct drive gauges and pressure monitoring instruments are ideal for rugged and demanding applications where accuracy matters. WIKA Fluidic Techniques offers orifice places and flanges, plate meter runs, ASME flow nozzles, and venturi tubes.
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