WIKA 611.10 Steel Case Capsule Low Pressure Gauges

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Steel-cased capsule low pressure gauge. Accuracy ±1.6% full scale. Ranges 0 to 100" WC Vac, 0 to 200" WC, 0 to 60 Oz/In2, 0 to 10 PSI. Available in 2" or 2.5"dial sizes. Copper alloy center back or lower (bottom stem) mount, 1/8" or 1/4" NPTM.

See model selection chart below.

Model 611.10 is a low pressure gauge for applications in controlled environments like laboratory and medical processes.

  • Accuracy: ±1.6% full scale
  • Available ranges from 0 to 100" WC Vac, 0 to 200" WC, 0 to 60 Oz/In2, 0 to 10 PSI
  • Suitable for gaseous, dry, and non-aggressive media
  • NEMA 2 black steel case with NBR seal. White aluminum dial with black lettering, black aluminum pointer, clear plastic window, front-face zero adjustment
  • Copper alloy process element and movement
  • Copper alloy pressure connection, 1/4" NPTM center back or lower (bottom stem) mount

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the size or range you need? Looking for 2" dials? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626.

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Dial SizeClick for Price and Availability
Connection1/4" NPT
Outer RangeInner RangeLMCBM
30" WC Vac760 mm WC98523449851852
60" WC Vac1500 mm WC97483219748339
100" WC Vac2500 mm WC97474739747465
10" WC250 mm WC5076184650761871
15" WC380 mm WC98516829851860
30" WC760 mm WC98516909855785
60" WC1500 mm WC98517049803432
100" WC2500 mm WC9851810 9851879
200" WC5000 mm WC98518289851887
10 Oz/In2440 mm WC9851771 
15 Oz/In2660 mm WC9851780 
20 Oz/In2880 mm WC9851798 
30 Oz/In21320 mm WC98517479851917
35 Oz/In21540 mm WC98518019857273
60 Oz/In22640 mm WC98517559803548
20 Oz/In234" WC98517209857281
32 Oz/In255" WC98517399855793
3 PSI (Single Scale)98519259851836
5 PSI (Single Scale)98519339851844
10 PSI (Single Scale)42042124204221
More Information
Dial Size 2 Inch, 2.5 Inch
Process Connection 1/4" NPTM Bottom, 1/4" NPTM Center Back
Case Material Steel
Liquid Filled No
Accuracy ±1.6% full scale
Wetted Parts Copper Alloy
Dial Material Aluminum
Measuring Range 0 to 100" WC Vac, 0 to 200" WC, 0 to 60 Oz/In2, 0 to 10 PSI
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