Keep Your Gas Detection and Monitoring Systems Working

When we asked customers about their biggest issues with field-installed gas detection systems, these answers came up over and over again:

  • Too many false alarms (or no alarms at all): Is it really working?
  • No time for routine testing and calibration
  • Lack of training or experience maintaining gas detection sensors, transmitters, controllers, and alarms

That’s where Field Service comes in. Whether it’s periodic calibration of sensors or confirming alarm functions, our team of trained technicians is ready to support your plant safety initiatives.

Why Use an Outside Service?

You didn’t spend your money on a gas detection system for its alarms and warnings to be ignored. Distrust in a safety system can lead to major incidents, accidents, and fines.

Hiring a dedicated field service adds a level of employee trust in your gas detection system. When workers know the system has been properly maintained, they’re more likely to listen and react properly when an alarm sounds.

When time is a factor, using a hired consultant lets you continue working on other critical tasks and still be sure the calibration is done on a regular basis. And, you can be confident in your calibration and testing work when it’s done by an experienced professional.

Our field service technicians have a combined 50 years’ experience in the gas detection industry, and familiarity with most major manufacturers’ product lines. They’re trained on proper calibration procedures and manufacturer standards, and have a proven track record working with all types of gas detection systems.

When you're short on time, staff, experience, or are looking for the confidence that comes with using a third-party service to do the work, we have the equipment and experience to help support your plant safety program.

Routine Sensor Calibrations

Regular calibration is the easiest way to ensure worker confidence in your gas detection systems. Field Service technicians will come to your plant on a regularly scheduled basis for:

  • Full calibration on electrochemical cells and catalytic bead sensors
  • Zero calibration and annual bump tests on infrared sensors
  • Response checks on open path sensors and paper tape toxic gas detector cartridges

Our calibration technicians follow manufacturer's specifications, and document the full scope of work. And with every visit, you'll get full documentation of the calibration results, so if there's ever an issue, you have the reports to prove that your plant safety systems are being properly serviced and maintained.

System Functional Tests

Knowing that your sensors are properly detecting gas is only half the battle. Functional tests help you ensure that the sensor outputs are working as expected: sounding alarms, turning on lamps, sending signals to your PLC, or notifying the local fire department.

After reviewing your cause and effect matrix, a Field Service technician will run functional tests to make sure the whole system is working as expected.

Schedule Your Free Field Service Walk-Through

We’ll do a short walk-through, look at your gas detection and monitoring system, talk about how we can help you improve worker confidence in your safety systems, and schedule the best time for your service.

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