WIKA 111.10 General Service Utility Gauge

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Black plastic or painted steel case general service pressure gauge. Accuracy ±3-2-3% span. Ranges 30" Hg to 200 PSI vacuum/compound to 0-6000 PSI. Available in 1.5", 2", 2.5", or 4" dial sizes. Copper alloy lower (bottom stem) mount, 1/8" or 1/4" NPTM.

See model selection chart below.

Model 111.10 is a cost-effective steel or plastic case bottom mount pressure gauge for general service use, in applications ranging from hydraulic and pneumatic systems to pumps, compressors, water systems, and regulators.

  • Accuracy: ±3-2-3% span (ASME B40.100 Grade B)
  • Available ranges from 30" HgVac to 200 PSI vacuum/compound, 0 to 6000 PSI
  • Suitable for any fluid media that does not clog the connection port or corrode copper alloy
  • Black plastic or black painted steel case. White plastic dial with stop pin, black or black and red lettering, black ABS plastic pointer (4" gauges have aluminum dial and pointer) clear plastic snap-fit window
  • Copper alloy Bourdon tube and movement
  • Copper alloy pressure connection, 1/8" or 1/4" NPTM lower (bottom stem) mount. For center back mount, see the WIKA 111.12 series.

ASME B40.1 Standard for Accuracy of Mechanical Dial Pressure Gauges

Gauge TypeAccuracy
Permissible Error by Range Quartile
Bottom 25%Middle 50%Top 25%
Industrial Gauges1A±1% Span Over Entire Range
A±2% Span±1% Span±2% Span
Commercial GaugesB±3% Span±2% Span±3% Span
C±4% Span±3% Span±4% Span
D±5% Span Over Entire Range
Process Gauges2A±0.25% Span Over Entire Range
Test Gauges3A±0.25% Span Over Entire Range
Lab Precision Test Gauges4A±0.1% Span Over Entire Range

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the size or range you need? Looking for a dual scale gauge? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626.

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Dial Size1.5"2" 2.5"4"
Case MaterialPlasticSteelPlasticPlasticSteelPlasticSteelPlastic
Connection Size1/8" NPT1/8" NPT 1/4" NPT1/4" NPT1/4" NPT
30" HgVac - 0 PSI974721450331841 899003942529014302192 425302743023974255900
-30" Hg - 15 PSI5223468152856541528564655078656352856561 4253035528256414255918
-30" Hg - 30 PSI5281685452856542528564665078657142687704253043528565754255926
-30" Hg - 60 PSI52856458528565445282159652825777528565644253051528565764255934
-30" Hg - 100 PSI52856538528565455285646750302418528565654253060528565774255942
-30" Hg - 160 PSI5285646052856546528564685285647352856566 4253078528565784255951
-30" Hg - 200 PSI52856462528565485285646950657569528565684253086528565794255969
0-15 PSI974722250630695899010242529194302206 4253108 43024014255977
0-30 PSI974723050331787899011042529274302214425311643024434255985
0-60 PSI974724950331761899012842529354302222425312489911384255993
0-100 PSI974725750331884899013642529434302231425313289911464256000
0-160 PSI974726550331698899014542529514302249425314143024194256018
0-200 PSI974727350369377899015342529604302257425315989911624256026
0-300 PSI423337250559303899016142529784302265425316743024274256034
0-400 PSI4233398528362905285647042529864302273425317543024354256042
0-600 PSI52856463528565505004057042529944302281425318389911894256051
0-800 PSI50646605528565515245795852856474528206714253191528565804256060
0-1000 PSI50061976528565525285647242530014385981425320589911974256078
0-1500 PSI52856464528565585083338350786598528565694253213528320864256086
0-2000 PSI52856539528565595283172150786601528565724253221528565814256094
0-3000 PSI500614455281697850288784 4253019528565734253230528565824256107
0-5000 PSI52164888528565605028879250982631528565744253248528565834256115
More Information
Dial Size 1.5 Inch, 2 Inch, 2.5 Inch, 4 Inch
Process Connection 1/8" NPTM Bottom, 1/4" NPTM Bottom
Case Material Plastic, Steel
Liquid Filled No
Accuracy ±3-2-3% span
Wetted Parts Copper Alloy
Dial Material Plastic (1.5", 2", 2.5") or Aluminum (4")
Measuring Range 30" Hg to 200 PSI vacuum/compound to 0-6000 PSI
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