Siemens SITRANS LR120 Long-Range FMCW Compact Radar Level Transmitter

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Two-wire 80 GHz FMCW compact radar level transmitter for continuous level monitoring of liquids and solids in ranges up to 98.4 feet (30 meters) with a zero blanking distance. 4° beam angle. Hermetically sealed PVDF enclosure and antenna with optional polypropylene submergence shield. 4-20 mA output plus HART communications standard. Optional Bluetooth communications for configuration. Good for process temperatures to 176°F (80°C), pressures to 43.5 PSIG, and media with dielectric constant greater than 1.6.

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Siemens SITRANS LR120 is a loop-powered W-band FMCW radar level transmitter in a hermetically sealed PVDF enclosure, for trouble-free reliable measurement. It comes standard 4-20 mA loop powered with HART communications. Its long range and narrow beam make it suitable for use in wet wells with obstructions or for solids level measurement, like aggregates and plastics.

Standard HART 7.0 communications makes the LR120 compatible with SIMATIC PDM software for remote configuration and diagnostics on your PC. When ordered with Bluetooth enabled, the LR120 is easy to configure, troubleshoot, and monitor via Siemens SITRANS Mobile IQ application on your smart device. The app is free, and available for Android, Apple, and Windows devices.

The SITRANS LR120 is compatible with Siemens mounting accessories, as used on Siemens Echomax ultrasonic transducers, including Easy Aimers for accurate positioning at angles for solids level measurement, and FMS series mounting kits and brackets for quick installation on liquids applications.

  • W band 80 GHz FMCW radar with 4° narrow beam
  • Good for continuous level of liquids and solids to a range of 98.4 feet (30 meters)
  • Zero blanking distance – measure right up to the sensor– with 0.08" (2mm) accuracy
  • Configurable using HART communications, SIMATIC PDM and a PC or SITRANS Mobile IQ app via Bluetooth 5.0 on [Apple App Store] or [Google Play Store ]
  • IP66/IP68 hermetically sealed PVDF enclosure, optional polypropylene submergence shield and silicone O-Ring
  • 1" NPT threaded cable connection
  • CE general purpose, or ATEX, IECEx gas and dust approvals
  • Connect to Siemens SITRANS RD150 remote digital display for level indication in the field
  • Use with optional submergence shield for pump applications or when debris buildup on the sensor will decrease signal strength

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Description Catalog Number
SITRANS LR120 Long-Range FMCW Radar Continuous Level Transmitter 7ML532_-
Output 4-20 mA and HART _ _ _ _ _ _ 0-
Bluetooth Disabled
Enabled (Required for Use with Siemens Mobile IQ App)
0 _ _ _ _-
1 _ _ _ _-
Cable Length 16.4 Feet (5 Meters)
32.8 Feet (10 Meters)
98.4 Feet (30 Meters)
164 Feet (50 Meters)
328 Feet (100 Meters)
_ AA06-
_ BA06-
_ CA06-
_ DA06-
_ EA06-
Protection CE, General Purpose
Dust and Gas Explosion Proof (Zone 0/Div 1 | Zone 20, 21, Class II, III)
0A _ _
0B _ _
Cable Entry 1" NPT Electrical Connection _ _P0
Accessories Submergence Shield Kit
Easy Aimer 2, Aluminum 3/4" x 1" NPT PVC Coupling
Easy Aimer 304, Stainless Steel, 1" NPT Coupling
FMS-200 Universal Box Bracket and Mounting Kit
FMS-210 Wall Mount Channel Bracket
FMS-220 Wall Mount Channel Bracket
FMS-310 Floor Mount Channel Bracket
FMS-320 Floor Mouunt Extended Channel Bracket
FMS-350 Floor Mount Bridge Channel Bracket
SITRANS RD150 Remote Digital Display for 4-20 mA/HART Devices
7ML5742 Series

More Information
Point or Continuous Level Continuous
Level Media Liquid, Dry Solid
Level Technology Radar
Measuring Range 0 to 98.4 Feet (0 to 30 Meters)
Wetted Materials PVDF Antenna, Polypropylene Counter Nut

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