All Siemens Process Instruments Are Backed by Advantage+ Services

Siemens Advantage+ ProgramAdvantage+ Warranties
All Siemens instruments include a free two-year manufacturer's warranty. It covers repair and replacement of devices that fail under normal operating conditions due to material or manufacturing defects. And now, extending the warranty for up to five years of coverage is easy! By adding an extended warranty when you buy your instrument, you pay no additional fees for warranty-covered repairs during the coverage period. All repairs are performed by factory-certified technicians.
Service contracts are also available for installation, start-up and field services, to make sure your instrumentation is properly calibrated, installed, and performing at its best.
Advantage+ Standard Shipping
To simplify your purchase process, Siemens pays all duties and taxes on basic freight orders, so there's no need to estimate and plan for additional shipping and handling fees in your budget. This benefit is extended to all Siemens Process Instrumentation customers. Items will be delivered within 4-6 business days after production.
Advantage+ Express Shipping*
When you need your order shipped quickly, use Advantage+ Express. Siemens will still cover taxes and duties. Your order will ship by the quickest method possible, and arrive 1-3 business days after production.
Advantage+ Priority Shipping*
Need to jump to the front of the line to cover a deadline project or emergency outage? Advantage+ Priority is the way to go. Your order will be moved to top priority in processing, scheduling, and handling, and will ship via the fastest reliable shipping method. As with the other plans, Siemens pays freight, taxes and duties, and your expedited order will arrive 1-3 business days after production.
Advantage+ Support
Your processes run 24/7, and sometimes things go wrong after "normal" business hours. So, Siemens offers its customers free technical support anytime day or night. Siemens' dedicated team of service engineers, technicians, and professionals are available for on-call, on-site, or online support. The Advantage+ Support team offers an initial response time of just two hours, whether you support them online, by phone (800-333-7421), or using the Siemens Industry Support App (Apple IOS | Android | Windows Phone).
Advantage+ Stock
Siemens developed Advantage+ Stock to help customers recover quickly in downtime situations. Siemens maintains inventory of some of the most popular sizes and models of coriolis and magnetic flowmeters, SITRANS DS III pressure transmitters, TH series temperature transmitters, mechanical point level instruments, continuous ultrasonic and radar level instruments, SIPART PS2 valve positioners, and critical weighing and process protection instruments. (See individual product pages for specifics on Siemens Advantage+ Stock models.


* Contact Lesman sales for pricing on Advantage+ Express and Advantage+ Priority services.

Quick Ship from Factory Stock

Popular configurations available in limited supply from Siemens Advantage+ stock to help you recover quickly in downtime situations.

DescriptionClick to Buy Now
MAG5000 field-mount transmitter for use with Siemens SITRANS FM flow sensors. 0.4% ±1 mm/s max measuring error. IP67/NEMA 4X/6 enclosure.
11-30 VDCNo display7ME6910-1AA30-0AA0
Integral display with local configuration7ME6910-1AA30-1AA0
115-230 VACNo display7ME6910-1AA10-0AA0
Integral display with local configuration7ME6910-1AA10-1AA0
Integral display with local configuration, HART communications7ME6910-1AA10-1BA0
MAG5000/MAG6000 Transmitter Accessories
SITRANS FM Cable Kit for MAG5000/MAG6000Cable length: 33 ft (10 m)A5E01181647
Cable length: 49 ft (15 m)A5E02296464
Cable length: 98 ft (30 m)A5E02296494
Sun Shield for MAG Remote Mount TransmittersA5E01209496
Terminal Blocks: 2 piecesA5E34827189
Wall mounting kit for MAG5000/MAG6000FDK:085U1053
SIPART PS2 smart electropneumatic positioner for pneumatic linear and part-turn actuators: 2-,3-,4-wire; 4 to 20mA with HART-interface; 1/2" NPT electric connection, 1/4" NPT pneumatic connection
Single acting; Aluminum Enclosure; FM Explosion Protection, Non-Sparking, Intrinsic Safety; Standard/Fail-Safe version: Depressurizing the actuator in case of failure of electrical auxiliary power.6DR5213-0FN00-0AA0
Double acting; Aluminum Enclosure; FM Explosion Protection, Non-Sparking, Intrinsic Safety; Standard/Fail-Safe version: Depressurizing the actuator in case of failure of electrical auxiliary power.6DR5223-0FN00-0AA0
Double acting; Aluminum Flameproof Enclosure; ATEX/IECEx/FM/CSA Explosion Protection, Intrinsic Safety; Electronic limit alarm monitor; 4-10 mA position feedback module; Steel gauges for double-acting positioners (Aluminum block, 1/4" NPT). 6DR5225-0EN11-0AA9 R2B
Valve Positioner Accessories
Single-action gauge block for PS2 and PS100 Actuators6DR4004-1PN
Double-action gauge block for PS2 and PS100 Actuators 6DR4004-2PN
Plug-in analog output module for PS2: position feedback, signal current 4-20 mA, simple to retrofit, with ATEX/IECEx and FM/CSA explosion protection 6DR4004-6J
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