AquaMetrix AM-2250 Multiparameter Analytical Controller for Liquids

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Full DIN sized analyzer/controller for pH, ORP contacting conductivity, or frequency/pulsed flow rate. Two analog outputs, three relay outputs. NEMA 4X/IP68 waterproof polycarbonate enclosure with backlit LCD display.

The team at Water Analytics designed the AquaMetrix AM-2250 multiparameter analyical controller to be easy enough to use without reading a manual. Open the front cover, and use the LCD menu and keypad to pick which of the four parameters you want to measure. The AM-2250 accepts inputs from the AquaMetrix 60 and 500 series pH/ORP probes, AM or AS series contacting conductivity sensors, or output from a paddlewheel, magnetic flowmeter, or any flow transmitter sensor with a frequency/pulse flow rate output. It is a direct replacement for the retired Aquametrix Shark-120 series analytical controller.

Three independent relays provide control of external devices. Each relay has both adjustable high and low setpoints to be used for rising or falling process, plus its own cycle timer with adjustable on/off times for tighter control of batch processes. The third relay can act as an alarm or third process control relay. The AM-2250 also has two 4-20 mA outputs: One for PID control, the other for process or temperature monitoring.

Key applications include industrial process control, municipal water and wastewater treatment, industrial and municipal waste treatment and neutralization, fume scrubbers, HVAC, cooling towers, and boilers.

  • Four input types: six-wire differential or combination pH/ORP, four-wire contacting conductivity (cell constants between 0.01 and 100), and flow (0-2000 Hz frequency/pulse output, paddlewheel, or magmeter)
  • Two 4-20 mA analog outputs, scalable 4-20 mA with PID, process, or temperature
  • Three dry contact alarm/control relays for rising/falling/in range with relay delay, ccyle, overfeed, timer, and override; One relay can be triggered by temperature or flow totalizer
  • Backlit LCD display shows process variable value and temperature value
  • Flexible and easy calibration, including multi-point conductivity calibration for acids and bases
  • Power requirement: 120/240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
  • NEMA 4X/IP68 waterproof full DIN polycarbonate enclosure with wall mount and panel mount included; pipe mount kit optional
  • For toroidal conductivity or dissolved oxygen, see the AM-2251 analytical controller
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