AquaMetrix P60C7-015 Differential pH Sensor: Hot Tap Insertion

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Differential pH electrode in Kynar enclosure. Measures from 0 to 14 pH. 0.8 to 14" variable insertion depth with AM-HTC-7 hot tap ball valve. Comes standard with 15-foot cable. Compatible with AM-2250 and AM-2251 analyzer/controllers, AM-2250TX transmitter.

AquaMetrix P60C7 industrial-grade differential pH sensor offers an extended variable insertion length from 0.8" to 14" for hot-tap installations. When used with an AM-HTC-7 ball valve asssembly, the sensor can be easily removed for cleaning and calibration without emptying the tank. It's designed for easy-in installation and easy-out removal, with no twisted cable and no special tools required.

The P60C7 features an encapsulated preamp so the sensor can be installed up to 3000 feet from the analyzer. A built-in Pt1000Ω RTD provides automatic temperature compensation, for rapid response in fluctuating process temperatures.

  • Key applications include industrial and municipal water treatment, waste treatment and neutralization, fume scrubbers, power generation, food and beverage, chemical processing, pulp and paper, mining, and pharmaceuticals
  • Differential pH electrode measures 0 to 14 pH with 0.02 pH accuracy, 0.01 pH sensitivity
  • Automatic temperature compensation with Pt1000 RTD (standard)
  • Field-replaceable salt bridge for extended service life
  • Encapsulated preamplifier provides output signal transmission up to 3000 feet
  • Rated for use in temperatures 23° to 203° F (-5° to 95°C) and pressures to 100 PSIG max
  • CPVC and Kynar body, glass electrode, titanium palladium alloy and EPDM wetted parts
  • Total length 17.8", 0.8 to 14.0" variable insertion depth, 1.125" OD max insertion
  • Comes standard with 15-foot (4.5m) cable
  • Hot tap ball valve assembly AM-HTC-7 ordered separately
  • Compatible with AquaMetrix AM-2250 and AM-2251 liquid analytical controllers and AM-2250TX liquid analytical transmitter
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Measuring Range 0 to 14 pH at 0.8" to 14" Insertion
Wetted Materials Kynar body, CPVC fitting, glass electrode, titanium palladium alloy and EPDM
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