AquaMetrix AS Contacting Conductivity Sensors

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Contacting conductivity probes with 316 stainless steel or graphite electrodes in CPVC shells. Choice of five cell constants from 0.01 to 50 Integral automatic temperature compensation, and adjustable insertion length. Comes standard with 15-foot cable. Compatible with AM-2250 controller or AM-2250TX transmitter.

AquaMetrix AS series general purpose contacting conductivity probes are suitable for use in almost any industrial, power plant, or lab application. With minimal routine maintenance, they you can expect years of drift-free performance. Five cell constants from 0.1 to 50 cover any water sample from pure water to saline conditions.

When used with a compatible AM-2250 analyzer/controller, or AM-2250TX analyzer, transmitter, the integral automatic temperature compensation provides compensation to 25° C, for fast and accurate response even in changing temperature conditions.

The standard flow-through mounting uses a compression fitting for adjustable insertion length in 3/4" NPT piping or in the side of the tank. Reverse the direction of the compression fittings for submersion mounting, or add a hot tap ball valve mounting assembly to allow removal of the conductivity cell from process piping or from tanks without shutting down your system.

  • Key applications include cooling towers, high purity water applications, pharmaceutical applications, reverse osmosis systems, food and beverage, aquaculture and agriculture
  • Five cell constants: 0.01 (0.2-10 μS/cm), 0.1 (10-500 μS/cm), 1 (100-5000 μS/cm), 10 (5-250 mS/cm), or 50 (10-500 mS/cm)
  • Automatic temperature compensation with Pt1000 RTD (standard)
  • Rated for use in temperatures 23° to 176° F (-5° to 80° C) and pressures to 100 PSIG max
  • Choice of 316 stainless steel (ASM) or graphite (ASG) electrode in CPVC enclosure
  • 3/4" NPT CPVC fitting with variable insertion length
  • Comes standard with 15-foot (4.5m) cable
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Measuring Range 0.2-10 μS/cm to 10-500 mS/cm
Wetted Materials CPVC, 316 stainless steel, graphite
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