WIKA Gayesco TC59-W Weld-Pad Tubeskin Thermocouple Assembly

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The WIKA WELD-PAD tubeskin thermocouple assembly lets you measure temperature on plain or contoured surfaces designed to suit each tube and sensor size. Thermocouple types K, J, N, and E for application temperatures 32° to 2300° F (0° to 1260° C). Flexible sheathed cable with mineral-insulated internal leads. CSA, FM, IECex hazardous aprea approvals available.

WIKA's WELD-PAD enables the measurement of temperatures on plain or contoured surfaces.

The WELD-PAD sensor hot end is a contoured weld-pad attached to a mineral-insulated sheathed cable. The metal outer sheath, in a material that matches your application requirements, contains and protects the insulated internal leads, compressed within a high-density ceramic composition. 

At one end of the sheathed cable, the internal leads are welded together to form an insulated (un-grounded) or non-insulated (grounded) measuring point. At the other end of the sheathed cable, the ends of the leads are connected and the sheathed cable is hermetically sealed using a sealing compound. The lead ends form the platform for the electrical connection. Cables, plug-in connectors or connector sockets can be connected to them.

  • Uses a pad block welded to the furnace tube
  • Designed for low temperature (<900° F) applications where accuracy is not critical
  • Used for tracking trending temperatures
  • Low cost alternative
  • Application criteria:
    • Grounded or un-grounded junction
    • Used when flame impingement is not a concern
    • Easy installation
    • Small sensor footprint

WIKA Weld-Pad RTD with a T32.1S HART® temperature transmitter in a rugged connection head.

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Measuring Range 32° to 2300° F (0° to 1260° C), depending on your choice of Types K, J, N, or E thermocouple
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