Minebea Intec

Whether your application involves storage tank or outdoor silo, batching tank, mixer or reactor, Minebea Intec offers tailor-made equipment for almost every process vessel scale: load cells, digital process transmitters, process indicators and batch and system controllers.

Looking for GWT, Global Weighing Technologies, or Sartorius? Sartorius Intec, the well-known supplier of industrial measuring and inspection technologies, is now offering its innovative products, solutions, and services under the new Minebea Intec brand.

Batch Control Processing and Recipe Management
Minebea Intec Maxxis 4 Single Scale Process Weighing and Batching Controller
Minebea Intec Maxxis 5 Multiple Scale Process Weighing and Batching Controller
Minebea Intec PR5220 Ethernet Transmitter for Weighing Process Hopper Scales
Minebea Intec ProRecipe XT Recipe Management System
Load Cells (for Tank and Hopper Weighing Applications)
Minebea Intec Novego Weighing Module (Capacity 125kg to 2t)
Minebea Intec PR6251 PanCake® Load Cells for Level Control (Capacity 500kg to 16t)
Minebea Intec PR6201 Compression Load Cells for Tank/Hopper Scales (Capacity 500kg to 300t)
Minebea Intec PR6212 Compact Compression Load Cell for Corrosive Environments (Capacity 0.5 to 10t)
Minebea Intec PR6241 S-Type Submersible Compression Load Cells (Capacity 100kg to 5t)
Weighing Solutions for Hygienic Process Vessels
Minebea Intec Contego Hygienic Weighing Module (Capacity 100kg to 2t)
Training on Tank and Hopper Weighing Technologies
Lesman Webinar (Recorded Video): Load Cells for Accurate Trouble-Free Tank Weighing