Minebea Intec Maxxis 4 Single Scale Process Weighing and Batching Controller

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Programmable process controller for simple weighing, complex manual and automatic batching, and single component filling. Compatible with analog and digital load cells, the Maxxis 4 provides automated control of weighing processes with one scale.

The Maxxis 4 can be controlled locally, or through a standard web browser or remote display. It comes with multiple connection options including USB and Ethernet ports, making the Maxxis 4 compatible with an already established infrastructure. With its internal web server, Maxxis 4 can be controlled via any web browser or remote display with VNC capabilities.

Maxxis 4 can be freely programmable using IEC61131 programming language, or can be equipped with predefined software: BASIC for simple weighing applications, IBC for single-component filling applications, and BATCH for complex manual or automatic batching applications. 

  • Automated control of weighing processes with one scale
  • Analog or digital load cells
  • Supplied with Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, RS232, USB 1.1, and SD-Card
  • 4.3" color display with integrated help function for intuitive operation
  • Equipped with internal web server
  • Panel-mount enclosure
  • Built in backup function and interface help; Save data to SD cards for full transparency and traceability
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