UE Excela Two-Wire Electronic General Purpose Industrial Switch

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Programmable solid state electronic switch with local indication for pressure, temperature, or differential pressure in general service environments and applications. Powered by digital input from PLC, DCS, or I/O cards 8-50 VDC at 0.1 Amp. Type 4X/IP66 epoxy-coated aluminum enclosure, UV-resistant pressure-sensitive keypad and display overlay. LCD display with red/green LED diagnostic indicator.

From device configuration to testing, calibrating, and inspecting, operators can spend between four and 12 hours annually maintaining each mechanical switch in their plants. Instrumentation failure, downtime, and replacement add even more. Replacing switches with transmitters helps solve the problem, but at a sometimes prohibitively-high cost (two to three times the cost of a switch).

Customers told UE they want better switch performance, less maintenance, and better operational insight without the high cost of upgrading their mechanical switches to transmitters. The result is Excela: a direct drop-in replacement for mechanical switches in systems that connect to PLC, DCS, or I/O card.

Excela general purpose electronic switches are a great solution for industrial plant upgrades, offering easy maintenance, low purchase costs, and can be installed on existing two-wire mechanical switch infrastructure. These digital switches can effectively monitor pressure, differential pressure, and temperature conditions while delivering intelligence on switch setpoints and measurements through their local displays.

  • Models available for pressure (Full vacuum to 6000 PSIG), differential pressure (0 to 200 PSID), and integral stem or remote mounted temperature sensors (-300° to 1000°F)
  • Accuracy 0.5% full range span; Repeatability 0.1% full range span; Long-term stability ±0.25% range/year maximum
  • Uses same two wires as mechanical switches; Operator connects wires to the polarity-insensitive terminal blocks in the enclosure
  • Setpoint rise and fall fully programmable over sensor's entire range
  • Four-digit LCD display shows process variable live data, min/max values, trip counter, units of measure, setpoint values, fault messages and error codes with green/red LEDs to show switch status
  • UL, CE approvals for general purpose environments

More Information
Measured Variable Differential Pressure, Vacuum/Compound Pressure, Temperature
Enclosure/Construction NEMA 4X
Sensor Type Diaphragm, Immersion Stem, Bulb and Capillary

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