Siemens SITRANS Probe LU150/LU180 Short Range Continuous Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

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Two-wire loop-powered ultrasonic level transmitters with 4-20 mA output for level measurements for liquids, slurries, and bulk materials in open or closed (unpressurized) vessels up to 16.4 feet (5 meters). 12° beam angle. PVDF copolymer transducer for chemical resistance in a variety of applications. Good for process temperatures to 140°F (60°C). Available in general purpose (LU150) or intrinsically safe (LU180).

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Siemens' SITRANS LU150 and LU180 are short-range integrated ultrasonic level transmitters for use with liquids, slurries, and bulk materials in open or closed short-depth vessels (from 0.8 to 16.4 feet). These two-wire, 4 to 20 mA loop powered transmitters feature an integrated ultrasonic transducer in PVDF copolymer, making them suitable for a variety of applications. The general purpose SITRANS LU150 is an ideal replacement for the Milltronics Probe with 4-20 mA output. The SITRANS LU180 has the same functionality as the LU150 plus intrinsically safe approval (CE cCSAus, ATEX, FM, CSA, IECEx, and NEPSI) for use in harsh environments.

Both SITRANS LU150 and LU180 include patented Sonic Intelligence echo processing algorithms to discriminate between the true echo and false echoes from acoustic or electrical noises and agitator blades in motion. The ultrasonic pulse propagation time to the material and back is temperature-compensated and converted into distance for display and analog output.

If you need HART communications, see the Siemens SITRANS Probe LU240.

  • For liquids, slurries, and bulk materials in open or closed tanks
  • Two-wire loop powered, 4-20 mA output
  • Siemens Process Intelligence signal processing and Auto False Echo Suppression for fixed obstruction avoidance
  • Internal temperature sensor compensates for fluctuating temperatures
  • Programming using simple pushbutton interface under the unit's cover
  • Display under the transmitter's cover shows process value, units, operation status, fault, and program mode
  • IP68/NEMA 6/Type 6 PBT plastic enclosure with integral PVDF transducer for chemical compatibility
  • 2" NPT process connection standard, 4" Tri-clamp optional, one 1/2" NPT stainless steel electrical connection
  • Approvals: LU150 general purpose model: CE CSA; LU180 intrinsically safe model: ATEX, CSA, FM, IECEx, NEPSI
  • A common commercial tradename for PVDF is Kynar

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Description Catalog Number Availability
SITRANS LU150 General Purpose Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, 4-20 mA Output  7ML5201-  
SITRANS LU180 Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, 4-20 mA Output  7ML5202-  
2" NPT OE _ _
4" Sanitary Mount OJ _ _  
Cable Inlet 1/2" NPT Stainless Steel Entry _ _ C0
Accessories SITRANS LU150 Printed English User Manual A5E34590123  
SITRANS LU180 Printed English User Manual A5E37100674  
4" Sanitary Mounting Clamp 7ML1830-1BR
Stainless Steel Tag (0.47" x 1.77", One Text Line, 20 Characters Max.) 7ML1930-1AC
Universal Box Bracket Mounting Kit 7ML1830-1BK
Universal Mounting Adapter for 3" Flange, 2" NPT 7ML1830-1BT
More Information
Point or Continuous Level Continuous
Level Media Liquid, Slurry, Dry Solid
Level Technology Ultrasonic
Measuring Range 0.8 to 16.4 Feet (0.25 to 5 Meters)
Wetted Materials PVDF copolymer

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