Anderson Greenwood H5 Miniature Isolation Valves

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Anderson-Greenwood H5 miniature isolation valves with 1/4" inlet and outlet.

Anderson-Greenwood H5 miniature isolation valves come with stainless steel or carbon steel bodies and hard or soft seats. They feature 1/4" NPT threaded inlet and outlet, and are rated to 6000 PSIG and 1000° F.

  • 1/4" NPT inlet and outlet connections
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel body with hard or soft seat; Brass or Hastelloy available on request
  • One-piece handle design prevents loss due to vibration or during maintenance
  • Soft or metal seat is field-replaceable for quick maintenance; Extended valve life: damaged soft seat can be easily removed, leaving a metal seated valve
  • Safety back seating prevents stem blowout or removal during operation and provides a metal-to-metal secondary stem seal while in the fully open position
  • PCTFE (Polychlorotrifluoroethylene) thermoplastic soft seat, standard for 316SS valves is the exact equivalent of Kel-F®

Model Selection Guide

Inlet Outlet Body Seat Bonnet Packing Handle Catalog Number
1/4" NPTF1/4" NPTFCarbon SteelDelrin O-RingRound H5RDC-2
1/4" NPTM1/4" NPTFCarbon SteelDelrin O-RingRound H5RDC-22
1/4" NPTM1/4" NPTF316 Stainless SteelIntegralO-Ring Tee H5RIS-22
1/4" NPTM1/4" NPTF316 Stainless SteelDelrinPTFE Tee H5VDS-22
1/4" NPTM1/4" NPTF316 Stainless SteelIntegralPTFE Tee H5VDS-2
1/4" NPTF1/4" NPTF316 Stainless SteelPCTFEPTFE Tee H5VKS-2
1/4" NPTM1/4" NPTF316 Stainless SteelPCTFEPTFE Tee H5VKS-22
1/4" NPTF1/4" NPTF316 Stainless SteelIntegralPTFE Tee H5VIS-22
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Wetted Materials Stainless steel, carbon steel, PTFE, Delrin, PCTFE
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