Founded in 1914, and now part of Clark-Reliance Corporation, Jacoby-Tarbox manufacturers sight flow indicators and sight windows to verify process conditions throughout piping, vessels and other equipment. All Jacoby-Tarbox sight flow indicators and sight windows with flat glass can be supplied with dual windows (for FM-approved assemblies) or with fused glass and metal UniGlas windows. Jacoby-Tarbox also produces a line of tank lights and sight flow indicator lights to improve visibility in dark processes or locations. Jacoby-Tarbox eductors and tank liquid agitators help customers improve the reliability of their in-tank mixing processes for product consistency and process uptime.

Eductors and Agitators
Jacoby-Tarbox TLA Tank Liquid Agitators
Jacoby-Tarbox In-Line Eductors
Sight Glasses and Sight Flow Indicators
Jacoby-Tarbox 90-LR ASME-Rated Flanged Sight Flow Indicator
Jacoby-Tarbox 805-S Cylindrical Sight Flow Indicator with 360° Viewing
Jacoby-Tarbox 910-FA Flanged Bullseye Sight Flow Indicator with Weighted Flapper
Jacoby-Tarbox 935-FA Flanged Bullseye Sight Flow Indicator with TFE Rotor
Jacoby-Tarbox 5005-DW FM-Approved Security Sight Window
Jacoby-Tarbox UniGlas® Fused Glass Safety Sight Windows
Jacoby-Tarbox Phaeton® XTL & SL Explosion-Proof Lights for Tank Windows or Sight Flow Indicators