Jacoby-Tarbox Phaeton® XTL & SL Explosion-Proof Lights for Tank Windows and Sight Flow Indicators

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Jacoby-Tarbox Phaeton tank and sight lights install easily on various sizes of sight windows for enhanced visibility into your process.

Jacoby-Tarbox Phaeton explosion proof lights are designed for optimal viewing in dark environments for vessels, reactors, and sight windows. They are available in two models, both of which are equipped with LED lights. Either model can be used in new or retrofit applications.

Phaeton XTL lights are designed for illuminating large vessels, reactors, and large sight windows. They come in 4" and 6" sizes, and clip directly over tank sight windows. For added brightness, the 4" XTL can be placed inside the 6" XTL light.

Phaeton SL are designed for illuminating sight flow indicators 1/4" to 3" sizes.

  • LED lights rated for 10-year use, stay cool to the touch and do not "bake-on" to the window
  • Mounts directly against the window to eliminate glare
  • Easy installation that does not require window disassembly
  • FM/CSA approved Class I, Div 1, Class II, Div 1; SL also carries ATEX approval
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