Jacoby-Tarbox 5005-DW FM-Approved Security Sight Window

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Jacoby-Tarbox 5005-DW security sight windows give you a safe and cost-effective way to view inside your tanks.

Jacoby-Tarbox 5005-DW security sight windows were created to be a safer and more cost-effective way to view inside tanks. All 5005-DW security sight windows meets all safety features of the FM Approved patented dual window standards, making them suitable for most applications. The sight windows are made to attach to standard ANSI flanges or studding outlets.

The dual tempered glass gives the 5005-DW sight window its approved safety rating, adding protection when users are working with external mechanical impact, abnormal compressive forces, thermal shock, and corrosion/erosion.

  • Bolt-on ASME standard flanges
  • Handles light to severe service
  • Protects against stress concentration, thermal shock, corrosion, erosion, and overpressure
  • Multiple corrosion resistant linings available: PTFE, PFA, and rubber
  • Pressure Range: Full vacuum to 1500 PSIG
  • Patented FM Approved dual window standard
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