Jacoby-Tarbox UniGlas® Fused Glass Safety Sight Windows

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Jacoby-Tarbox UniGlas safety sight window glass is designed for long-term service in extreme environments.

Jacoby-Tarbox UniGlas safety sight windows provide high standards of strength and safety for viewing inside tanks, vessels, pipes and other chambers in manufacturing and processing applications. Unlike conventional sight windows, the glass and metal windows are fused together, making them leak-proof, and resistant to corrosion, leak, impact, stress, pressure, temperature, and shocks.

UniGlas sight windows are available in a variety of sizes and styles to be directly connected to vessels or other chambers. They can also be used in place of standard tempered borosilicate glass on Jacoby-Tarbox sight flow indicators.

A dual window option is available for new installations or retrofits in toxic and other dangerous applications, to double the safety and strength of a single UniGlas disc. Since each window is mounted individually to isolate window breakage, dual windows maintain pressure in case of malfunction.

  • Glass fused to carbon steel, stainless steel, or Hastelloy C rings
  • Maximum sizes: 12" disc outside diameter, 9" glass outside diameter, glass thickness 1.2"
  • Pressure range up to ANSI Class 600; special discs able to handle pressures up to 10,000 PSI
  • Temperature tolerance range -435° to 600°F
  • Low maintenance — no glass bonding agents, shims, packing, or adjustment screws
  • Complies with ASME standards
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