Stafsjo Valve

Stafsjo is a leading supplier of knife gate solutions for shut-off and flow control within the process industry. Stafsjo valves are available in sizes ranging from 2" up to 64". Standard knife gate valves come stainless steel or ductile iron. High alloy materials like Duplex, Hastelloy, SMO and Titanium are also available. Stafsjo valves are modular designed and they can easily be customized with gate, seats and box packings to best fit your media and application requirements.

Knife Gate Valves
BV Fully-Lugged Knife Gate Valve for End-of-Pipe Installations
D2G Chromed Gate Knife Gate Valve
HG O-Port Knife Gate Valves for High Concentration or Static Media
JT Junk Trap Valve
MP Full-Bore Bi-Directional Knife Gate Valve
MV Positive Shutoff Knife Gate Valve
RKO Knife Gate Valve for Junk Trap Applications
RKS Welded Isolating Knife Gate Valve for Low Pressure Water and Wastewater Systems
TV Isolation Knife Gate Valves for Transmitters or Sensors
SLV Knife Gate Valve for Heavy Slurries
WB Knife Gate Valve for Wastewater and Sludge Applications
XV Knife Gate Valve for Wastewater and Light Slurry Applications
Deflection Cone
Double Gland
Inductive Limit Switch
Magnetic Limit Switch
Mechanical Limit Switch
Solenoid Valv
Stem Extension
V-Port V-Shaped Bore