Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact INTERFACE technology creates a smooth communication for process and control systems. These products provide signal conditioning for digital, analog, serial and power signals for the entire control system. Phoenix Contact's wireless solution provides you the ability to monitor and control level, flow, pressure, temperature and alarms in your application. Industrial wireless technology allows you to eliminate costs for cabling, conduit, trenching and boring.

Not sure if wireless will work in your application? Call Lesman and speak with our wireless product specialist.

Wireless Interface Products and Ethernet Radios
Wireless One-Way Point-to-Point for Analog and Discrete (Relay) I/O
Wireless Two-Way Point-to-Point for Analog and Discrete (Relay) I/O
Wireless Two-Way Point-to-Multipoint for Analog and Discrete (Relay) I/O
Wireless Two-Way Point-to-Multipoint Data Radios for Modbus Networks
Wireless Point-to-Multipoint Data Radios with Expandable I/O
Wireless Ethernet Radios
Wireless Antennae and Accessories
Omni Antenna
Yagi Antenna
Pan Antenna
Parabolic Dish Antenna
Cables, Connectors and Adapters
Surge Arrestors and Lightning Protection
RadLink Software
Power Accessories
Mini DIN-Rail Mountable DC Power Supplies
Signal Conditioners
Mini Analog Signal Conditioners
Isolators and Converters
Temperature Converters
Frequency, Potentiometer/Resistance, AD/DA Converters
Strain Gage/Load Cell Converters
AC/DC Current Transducers and Monitoring Relays
AC/DC Voltage Transducers
Intrinsically Safe Isolation Barriers
Barriers for Digital (Discrete) Input Signals
Barriers for Digital Output Signals and Solenoid Drivers
Barriers for Analog Input Signals
Barriers for Analog Output Signals
Barriers for Temperature Signals
Programming and Wiring Accessories