Recorders and Data Acquisition

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Save our natural resources! Save storage space! Save time! Save money! Fit a whole truckload of data on a USB strick! Sound good? Then take a look at the advanced video recorders from Honeywell. Want to tie your instrumentation into your plant network and view recorder data on your PC? They'll do that, too!

Lesman is the authorized stocking representative for Honeywell Sensing and Controls instrumentation for Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana, Eastern Iowa, and the pulp and paper industries of Wisconsin and Michigan's upper peninsula.

Finding the Right Recorder for Your Application
Compare Honeywell Circular Chart Recorder Features and Specifications
Compare Honeywell Advanced Paperless Recorder Specifications
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Circular Chart Recorders
Dickson Humidity/Temperature Recorders
Dickson Temperature Recorders
Honeywell DR4300 10" Circular Chart Recorders
Honeywell DR4500 Classic 12" Circular Chart Recorders
Honeywell DR4500 Truline 12" Advanced Circular Chart Recorders
Partlow MRC5000 10" Circular Chart Recorders
Partlow MRC7000 10" Circular Chart Recorders with Control
Partlow MRC8000 12" Circular Chart Recorders with Control and Setpoint Programming
Partlow MRC9000 VersaChart 12" Circular Chart Recorder and Multiloop Controller
Paperless (Video) Recorders
Honeywell DR Graphic 12.1" Circular Paperless Process Recorder
Honeywell eZtrend GR 5.7" Display Web-Ready Electronic Data Recorder
Honeywell Minitrend GR 5.7" Display Web-Ready Paperless Recorder
Honeywell Multitrend GR 12.1" Display High Performance Web-Enabled Paperless Recorder
Dickson Circular Charts
Honeywell Circular Charts
Honeywell Pens and Marking Products
Honeywell Stripcharts
Honeywell Screen Designer Software for Trendview Recorders
Honeywell Trendview Suite: TrendViewer, TrendManager, TrendServer Pro
Partlow Circular Charts