TSI Quest NI-100 Personal Noise Indicator

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The wearable NI-100 personal noise indicator blinks red at noise levels above 85 dBA. Use for everyday alerts or for training staff on when hearing protection is needed.

The TSI Quest NI-100 noise indicator lets you know when noises in an area reach potentially hazardous levels. It's small, light weight, and can operate up to 200 hours between battery charges. In addition to everyday exposure, the NI-100 can be used as a training tool, to help workers learn when and where they need hearing protection. It can also be used to pinpoint and identify areas that may require further noise studies.

  • Type 2 microphone, accurate to 3dB
  • Easy-to-see alarms: Flashes red at >85 dBA, flashes green at <85 dBA
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 200 hours between charges
  • Automatic power-off after 10 hours
  • Sold in packs of 10
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