Sensidyne Gilian LFS-113 Personal Air Sampling Pump for Low Flow Applications

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The LFS‑113 is a pocket sized personal air sampler that lets you select between two sampling modes.

The Gilian LFS-113 is the most powerful and reliable, pocket-sized personal air sampler available. The constant flow control mode holds the flow within ±5% of the set flow while the multi-flow (constant pressure control) mode allows multiple samples to be taken simultaneously.

Basic and clock models of the LFS-113 are available.

  • Dual mode automatic constant flow (20-200 cc/min, up to 25" H20) or constant pressure (1-350 cc/min, up to 18" H20)
  • Multi-flow capacity
  • Flow fault indicator light and battery check LED
  • Clock model with elapsed time display
  • CSA, ATEX and CE approval

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626.

  • Pump kits include: one air sampling pump, 36" tubing, air boss kit, reversible screwdriver, and user manual.
  • Starter kits include: one air sampling pump, a single unit charger, air boss kit, single tube holder, reversible screwdriver, and user manual.
  • Starter kits include: five air samplings pumps, a five-unit charger, five air boss kits, five tube holders, five reversible screwdriver, and five user manuals.
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Pump KitStarter Kit5-Pack Kit
Basic Pump (D) 810-0301-02910-0301-01 910-0302-01
Clock Pump (DC)810-0302-02 910-0303-01 910-0304-01
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