Pyromation Spring-Loaded Single Thermocouple Assembly with Steel Head Mount Fittings

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Spring-loaded thermocouples are used in temperature applications where the sensor is used in a thermowell for protection from the process medium.

Order this model if you already have a thermowell or will be ordering one separately.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery on made-to-order temperature sensors. If you need your thermocouple assembly faster, please call for expedited delivery options.

A thermocouple consist of two different electrically conductive metal alloys. Together, they produce a voltage that's proportional to the temperature difference between either end of the pair of conductors. Combinations of specific alloys produce a predictable difference between temperature and voltage (e.g., Type J thermocouples, made of copper and constantan, have a range of 32° to 559°F with a standard error range of ±4°).

  • Provided with 304 stainless steel head mount fittings
  • Spring-loaded thermocouples built to meet your exact requirements
  • Good for process temperatures to -328° to 2300° F
  • For lengths longer than 24" or dual element thermocouples, call Lesman.

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