PULS MiniLine Plastic Case DIN-Rail Mount 1-Phase and 3-Phase Power Supplies

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Compact light-weight single-phase and three-phase DIN rail power supplies in 5-48 VDC, 15-100W outputs for the decentralized supply of small loads.  UL508 approved  for industrial use, including Class1, Div 2 locations. Rugged, robust plastic housing, vibration-resistant terminals, transient-filtered input with an overload and short circuit protected output.

Original MiniLine power supplies have quick-connect spring clamp terminal connections. MiniLine-2 offer screw terminal connections. All models come with three-year warranty.

See model selection chart below.

  • IP20 rugged plastic enclosure with fine ventilation grid
  • Front face LED indicates DC ON
  • Front face output voltage potentiometer for easy access to adjustments
  • No tools needed for DIN rail mounting
  • Choice of spring clamp (MiniLine) or screw terminal (MiniLine-2) connections
  • International approvals package for use in a wide variety of applications including UL508 approval for industrial control equipment and NEC Class 2.
  • Suitable for use in Class I, Div 2 Group A-D locations

PULS MiniLine and MiniLine-2 Plastic Case DIN-Rail Mount Power Supplies

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TypeOutputInput Power Connections Click for Price
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Nominal VoltageAdjustable RangeCurrentPower
1-Phase12  VDC10-12 VDC3-2.5A30W100-240 VAC/110-300 VDC Spring ClampML30.102
12-15 VDC1.3-1A15W100-240 VAC/110-300 VDC Screw TerminalML15.121
4.5-3.6A54W100-240 VAC/110-300 VDCScrew TerminalML60.121
24 VDC24-28 VDC0.6-0.5A15W100-240 VAC/110-300 VDC Screw TerminalML15.241
1.3-1.1A30W100-240 VAC/110-300 VDCSpring ClampML30.100
1.3-1.1A30W100-240 VAC/110-300 VDCScrew TerminalML30.241
4.2-3.6A100W100-120/220-240 VAC, 290 VDC Spring ClampML100.100
4.2-3.6A100W380-480 VAC 2-PhaseSpring Clamp ML100.200
2.1-1.8A50W100-240 VAC/110-300 VDCSpring ClampML50.100
2.5-2.1A60W100-240 VAC/110-300 VDCScrew TerminalML60.241
3-2.6A72W100-120/220-240 VAC, 290 VDCSpring ClampML70.100
4-3.4A95W100-120/220-240 VAC, 290 VDCSpring ClampML95.100
3-Phase24 VDC24-28 VDC3.8-3.2A90W380-480 VAC 2-Phase Spring ClampML90.200

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