Red Lion PM-50 Series Panel Meter

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The PM-50 has large, best-in-class displays - either 3.5" or 4.3" - with vibrant, user-selectable graphics present critical operational data for at-a-glance insights.   In addition to Ethernet, Modbus/RS485, and RS232 communication, take advantage of Wi-Fi for a truly wire-free connectivity.  Add capability by stacking modules to your PM-50.  The field installable modules provide output, communications and AC power functionality when needed.


  • Smart device connectivity
    Wi-Fi and Modus communications
    Universal inputs
    Dual solid state outputs
    Display color change and status notification
    Start-up wizard/ programming assistance
    App for programming and monitoring
    Modular construction for additional capability


  • Ethernet and RS232 communications
    Retransmitted analog output
    Dual form “C” relays
    Quad form “A” relays
    AC power module
Function Size Display Relay Output(s) Power Click for Price and Availability
Universal Analog Input Meter 1/8 DIN Graphic Add-on Module DC - AC with Add-on Module PM500A0400800F00
Universal Digital Input Meter 1/8 DIN Graphic Add-on Module DC - AC with Add-on Module PM500D0400800F00

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