PULS PISA-B Multichannel Electronic Circuit Breakers for 24 VDC Systems

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PULS PISA-B electronic circuit breakers are DIN rail mountable eight channel protection modules with integrated electronic fuses for 24V systems. They distribute the current, protect loads from over-current or short-circuits and monitor operating status. 

PISA-B can identify and isolate individual faulty branches and shut down the affected channels only. This secures the constant power supply of the remaining loads. An integrated data monitoring reports the operating status to a PLC or control center. The electronic circuit breaker also alarms in case of an error and allows a remote reset of the channels.

If more than eight channels are required in an application, up to eight PISA-B modules can be connected via bus bars. In numerous applications, up to 64 outputs can be supplied with only one power supply. To get the most out of the 8 channel PISA-B, PULS suggests using power supplies with an output current of at least 20 A, like the PULS CP20.241 or QS40.241.

Smart power distribution and load protection improve and simplify your application.

Miniature circuit breakers were originally designed to protect the cable runs in buildings on the AC side, not within the system itself. They have no way to inform your condition monitoring system about current system status or when errors occur. With a PISA-B, the electronic circuit breaker reliably secures your system components from overload and short circuits. When this happens, you're immediately informated via an alarm signal, and all other loads stay unaffected and keep your system running. 

  • 24 VDC input voltage, 40A input current
  • Selective tripping of overload channels: In a fault event, PISA-B disconnects the affected channels only and ensures constant power supply to the remaining loads.
  • Output channels for high and standard capacitive loads:  Channels 1/2 for loads tp 100 mV with peak currents to 12A. Channels 3-8 for loads to 20 mF and 10A currents.
  • Front-panel LED matrix helps you understand and evaluate loads, detect peak currents, and change settings
  • Reset relay contact allows switching the device on/off or resetting all tripped channels remotely
  • Unit settings are PIN code protected to reduce accidental operation errors or changes to cinfiguration
  • 52mm width units save you space, and tool-free push-in technology provides easy wiring

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3.75A 2 x 100mF; 6 x 20mF 40mA Common Tripping Relay NEC Class 2 PISA-B-8CL2-B1
3.75A 2 x 100mF; 6 x 20mF 35mA Digital Coded Signal NEC Class 2 PISA-B-8CL2-B4
2 x 1-12A; 6 x 1-10A 2 x 100mF; 6 x 20mF 40mA Common Tripping Relay   PISA-B-812-B1
2 x 1-12A; 6 x 1-10A 2 x 100mF; 6 x 20mF 35mA Digital Coded Signal   PISA-B-812-B4
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