Honeywell XYR6000 STIW Smart High Level Analog Input Wireless Transmitter

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ISA100-compliant smart analog input wireless transmitter that handles active linear 0/4-20 mA or 1-5VDC linear signals from flow, level, legacy wired pressure or temperature transmitters, or analytical instruments, accuracy to ±0.1% range, battery or 24 VDC power option

Battery-powered Honeywell XYR6000 STIW high level analog input transmitters can be used to convert any legacy measurement device with a 4-20 mA/1-5 V output into a wireless sensor; for example, analytical, flow, or level measurements. STIW models with mA ranges can be used with measurement devices that have intrinsic safety approval, to make a wireless measurement while retaining the IS rating.

  • Available ranges: 0-5 or 1-5 VDC, 0-20 or 4-20 mA; mA range models certified intrinsically safe
  • Accuracy ±0.10% range at reference conditions for linear inputs
  • Transmitter range with integral 2dBi monopole antenna is 1000 ft clear line-of-sight to Honeywell access point
  • 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) wireless communication
  • Can be configured to operate in a mesh or star (non-mesh) network
  • Powered by two size D 3.6V Lithium batteries, 24VDC power optional
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Wireless Yes
Measuring Range 0/4-20 mA or 1-5 VDC
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