Honeywell STT170 Programmable Head-Mount Temperature Transmitter

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DIN Form B head mount temperature transmitter with HART or Foundation Fieldbus output. Also available with field-mount enclosure.

Honeywell STT170 is a cost-effective solution for accurate and reliable temperature measurement. It converts low-level signals from temperature sensors (RTDs and thermocouples) into current signals, and can transmit long distances through noisy plant environments. It can be ordered in a DIN form B head mount or a field-mount enclosure. Configure the HART model using PactWare and a HART modem (DTM available) or a HART handheld communicator.

  • Sinle or dual (difference, average, or redundant) sensor input: RTD, thermocouple, ohm, or mV input types
  • Choice of HART or Foundation Fieldbus output
  • NAMUR NE43 sensor error response
  • Requires 8-30 VDC supply voltage
  • Programmable response time, 0.33 to 60 seconds
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