Honeywell Maxon Electromechanical Safety Shut-Off Valves for Gas Service

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Honeywell Maxon electromechanical shutoff valves for gas service feature a powerful closing spring that provides closure in less than one second.

Pick your model from the chart below. Need other materials, sizes, or a vent valve? Call us.

Honeywell Maxon electromechanical safety valves shut off gas lines in less than one second. All shut-off valves come equipped with Maxon's long-lasting metal-to-metal seating. A variety of optional body materials and body connections provide reliable operation even for highly corrosive fuels and for oxygen.

Application flexibility is provided with 3/4" through 6" diameter line sizes, Cv flow factors up to 1230, and line pressures up to 125 PSIG (8.6 bar)

  • 3/4" to 6" line sizes; Line pressures up to 125 PSIG
  • Visual position indication standard
  • Normally closed shutoff valves and normally open vent valves available
  • Overtravel position switches for open and closed position
  • General purpse approval standard; Also available with hazardous location approvals  for use in non-incendive Class 1, Div 2 areas
  • Electrically actuated valves with powerful closing spring provide closure in less than one second
  • Designed to meet Fluid Control Institute (FCI) 70-2 control valve standard for Class VI seat leakage
  • FM, CSA, UL, and CE approved; Full assessment to IEC 61508 as SIL 3 capable
  • Top assembly standard in right position; Field-rotatable in 90° increments to fit your appllication. (Watch A.J.'s demonstration to see how easy it is.)
  • Replaces Maxon 5000 (5000, 5000-NI, 5000-CP, 5000-NI-CP), STO (STO-A, STO-M, STO-A-NI, STO-M-NI, STO-A-CP, STO-A-NI-CP, STO-M-NI-CP) and 808 (808, 808-NI, 808-CP, 808-NI-CP) series valves

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the valve body size or material options you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626

Valve SizeConnection
Valve Cv Operating Pressure
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1 Proof-of-Open, 1 Proof-of-Closure 2 Proof-of-Open, 2 Proof-of-Closure
Normally Closed Electromechanical Safety Shut-Off Valves with Automatic Reset for Natural Gas Service. NEMA 4 General Purpose Cast Iron Body, 400 Stainless Steel Seat, Hardened Ductile Iron Disc, PEEK Follower Ring, Buna N O-Rings and Bumper. Right Top Assembly Position.
3/4" (DN20)NPT Threaded19125 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 075SMA11-AA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 075SMA11-AA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
1" (DN25)NPT Threaded20125 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 100SMA11-AA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 100SMA11-AA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
1-1/4" (DN32)NPT Threaded45100 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 125SMA11-AA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 125SMA11-AA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
1-1/2" (DN40)NPT Threaded5370 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 150SMA11-AA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 150SMA11-AA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
2" (DN50)NPT Threaded8670 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 200SMA11-AA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 200SMA11-AA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
2-1/2" (DN65)NPT Threaded12740 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 250SMA11-AA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 250SMA11-AA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
2-1/2" (DN65)NPT Threaded30450 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 250CMA11-AA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 250CMA11-AA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
2-1/2" (DN65)ANSI Flanged30450 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 250CMA11-BA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 250CMA11-BA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
3" (DN80)NPT Threaded17330 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 300SMA11-AA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 300SMA11-AA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
3" (DN80)NPT Threaded42340 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 300CMA11-AA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 300CMA11-AA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
3" (DN80)ANSI Flanged42340 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 300CMA11-BA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 300CMA11-BA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
4" (DN100)ANSI Flanged49040 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds 400CMA11-BA11-BB21A0-NAT-R 400CMA11-BA11-BB22A0-NAT-R
4" (DN100)ANSI Flanged71960 PSIG Max. 12 Seconds 400HMA11-BA11-BB31A0-NAT-R 400HMA11-BA11-BB32A0-NAT-R
More Information
Valve Function Safety Shutoff, Vent Valve
Operation Normally Closed
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