Honeywell Enraf 954 Smart Servo Advanced Tank Level Gauge

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Servo gauge for liquids in tanks. Standard range to 147 feet (45m) extended ranges from 115 to 492 feet (35 to 150m). Good for process temperatures to 392° F (200° C) and pressures to 90 PSI. FM-Approved NEMA 4X, IP66/67 enclosure. SIL certified. FM, CSA approvals.

Built to replace the retired Enraf Servo 854 tank gauge, the 954 Smart Servo adds enhanced software alogirthms, adaptive dynamic compensation, and advanced drum calibration for better performance in even more challenging applications. The Enraf servo gauge meets all international standards and is SIL-rated for reliable operation.

Honeywell’s 954 smart servo tank gauge measures liquid level, density and water interface level measurement with the highest accuracy available in the marketplace. It's designed with minimal moving parts and a modular construction for easy maintenance to help you drive down operational costs.

Suitable for product and gas temperature with spot or average temperature measurement or temperature profiling, product level, interface level, desnity measurement and profiling, average continuous density monitoring connecting one or more HART pressure transmitters, direct water bottom measurement via conductivity probes.

  • Measuring range: 147 feet (45m) standard; Up to 492 feet (150m) optional
  • Accuracy: Level: ≤± 0.4mm
  • 2" 150 Lb or 300 Lb ANSI flange connection
  • IP66/67 rated cast aluminum enclosure, cast aluminum or stainless steel drum compartment, stainless steel drum and shaft
  • Input boards for spot RTD, VITO probes for average temperature and water measurement, HART® devices (uses the same inputs as 854)
  • HART, 4/20 mA outputs, one or two SPDT alarm relays
  • Standard Honeywell Bi-Phase fieldbus, Modsbus RTU, or HART 7 communications
  • Easy integration with Honeywell Experion DCS system and Safety Manager ESD systems
  • TÜV SIL certified (IEC 61508) normally open and normally closed alarm relay contact or 4/20 mA analog output for direct connection to safety or distributed control systems
  • Safety approvals and certifications from legal metrology institutes worldwide, with the latest NMi approvals, and OIML R85 and API 3.1B compliance
More Information
SIL-Rated Yes
Point or Continuous Level Continuous
Level Media Liquid, Interface
Level Technology Servo Gauge
Measuring Range Standard range to 147 feet (45m) extended ranges from 115 to 492 feet (35 to 150m)
Wetted Materials Stainless Steel
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