Honeywell Eclipse RatioMatic Low Emission Air Heating Burner

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Honeywell Eclipse RatioMatic is a low emissions, nozzle mix burner for air heating applications.

The Honeywell Eclipse RatioMatic Burner is a nozzle mix burner for direct and indirect air heating applications. It is safe, efficient, and adjusts by itself to optimum operating conditions without additional gas adjustments.

The RatioMatic is equipped with a direct-drive air butterfly that diminishes any jamming during operation. Also, the RatioMatic is emission sensitive due to its low NOx, CO, and aldehydes.

  • Capacity from 500,000 to 30,000,000 Btu/hr (135 to 8000 kW)
  • Temperature range: up to 1900° F
  • High temperature nozzle option available for applications over 800° F
  • Produces low amounts of NOx, CO, and Aldehydes
  • Both flame rods and UV scanners can be used on the burner
  • Designed for: controlled combustion, burner operation, burner adjustment, spark ignition, and fuel capability
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