Honeywell Eclipse Exothermics SP Sinusoidal Plate Heat Exchangers

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Honeywell Eclipse Exothermics SP heat exchangers feature a proprietary sinusoidal plate design, which offers high performance, effectiveness and high heat transfer for yoru indirect fired application.

The Exothermics Sinusoidal Plate (SP) heat exchangers feature a fully welded stainless steel construction for applications up to 1200° F. Their proprietary sinusoidal plate design offers high performance, effectiveness, and minimizes collection of airborne particulates on the heat exchanger media.

Corrugated heat transfer plates achieve a sinusoidal wave pattern and air flow turbulence as the air passed through the unit that result in a high heat transfer.

Exothermics SP-DA heat exchangers are available for the dairy industry and meet the heating and sanitary requirements of food and dairy facilities.

  • Volume range: 300 to 95,000 (ACFM)
  • Maximum operating temp: 1200° F
  • Four customizable configurations for flow available
  • 304 or 409 stainless steel construction
  • 1/2" and 3/8" plate spacing options
  • Optional external or internal insulation available
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