Honeywell Analytics 301EM Refrigerant Gas Monitoring System

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The 301EM refrigerant controller has been designed to meet and exceed the ASHRAE and B-52 safety standards.

The 301EM was specifically designed to meet ASHRAE 15, B-52, and international mechanical code requirements. It can be configured to offer automatic fan, horn, and strobe activation.

The 301EM can be placed in a location that is separate from the detection area, making it safer to monitor the gas. It can have up to 20 sensors connected to it to get accurate readings of lower gas concentrations.

  • Three alarm levels
  • Works stand-alone or in a network
  • LCD display
  • Auto diagnostic capabilities
  • Combine with 301IRF and S301D2 for a complete solution

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626.

Description Catalog Number
301-EM Controller for Remote Refrigerant Sensing: Three 24VDC, Four Relay, Four 4-20mA Outputs
Model Controller 301-EM-US3
Controller with Strobe Light and Horn 301-EM-RFSA-US3
301EM Sensors R11 Refrigerant Gas Sensor S301-IRF-R11
R22 Refrigerant Gas Sensor S301-IRF-R22
R123 Refrigerant Gas Sensor S301-IRF-R123
R134A Refrigerant Gas Sensor S301-IRF-R134A
R404A Refrigerant Gas Sensor S301-IRF-R404A
R407C Refrigerant Gas Sensor S301-IRF-R407C
R410A Refrigerant Gas Sensor S301-IRF-R410A
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