Dwyer 605 Magnehelic Differential Pressure Indicating Transmitter

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Differential pressure gauge and transmitter for air and non-combustible gases. Ranges from 0.05” to 50” WC.  Gauge: 4" dial, 1/8" NPTF process connections. Transmitter: 10 to 35 VDC (2-wire) power, 4-20 mA output, screw terminal block electrical connection, diaphragm in vertical position mounting. Can be panel- or surface-mounted or fit in weatherproof enclosure. CE approved.

Dwyer's 605 Magnehelic® differential pressure indicating transmitter offers visual monitoring and electronic control of very low differential pressure. It's ideal for control applications in building HVAC systems providing local indication during routine maintenance checks or troubleshooting the system.

The Series 605 combines proven Dwyer Magnehelic gauge mechanical design with Dwyer Series 600 transmitter technology. It comes with an easy-to-read 4" dial gage and two-wire 4-20 mA output.

Typical applications include monitoring pressure in ducts, rooms, or total building pressure, filter monitoring, or local indication of clean room pressures while sending output signal to a control room.

  • For visual monitoring and electronic control of very low differential pressure in air and non-combustible gases
  • Quick response to pressure changes means no delay in signaling and alerting to critical situations
  • Long-service life and minimized down-time with durable and rugged housing and high-quality components
  • Zero and span adjustments through protected potentiometers on the gauge's front panel
  • Transmitter control loop powered by 10-35 VDC
  • 1/8" NPTF process connection, screw terminal block electrical connection
  • Stainless steel bezel optional

Model Selection Guide

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Pressure RangeMaximum
AccuracyClick for Price
and Availability
0.05" to 0" to 0.2" WC10 PSI±4%±4% 605-00N
0.25" to 0" to 0.25" WC10 PSI±2%±3%605-11
0" to 0.50" WC10 PSI±2%±3%605-0
0" to 1.0" WC10 PSI±2%±2%605-1
0" to 2.0" WC2 PSI±0.5%±2%605-2
0" to 3.0" WC2 PSI±0.5%±2%605-3
0" to 6.0" WC2 PSI±0.5%±2%605-6
0" to 10" WC2 PSI±0.5%±2%605-10
0" to 20" WC11 PSI±0.5%±2%605-20
0" to 30" WC11 PSI±0.5%±2%605-30
0" to 50" WC11 PSI±0.5%±2%605-50
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Flat Aluminum Flush Mount BracketA-298
Flush Surface Mounting BracketA-370
4" 303SS Straight Static Pressure ProbeA-489
ABS Weatherproof EnclosureA-320-B1
More Information
Dial Size 4 Inch
Process Connection 1/8" NPTM Center Back
Liquid Filled No
Accuracy ±0.5% to ±4%, varies by pressure range
Measuring Range 0.05" to 50" WC
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