Dwyer Mercoid DA Snap Action Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches

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Pressure switch for general service environments. Pressure ranges to 8000 PSIG. Single SPDT switch output, external thumbscrew adjustment, available with brass, 316 stainless steel or 403 stainless steel Bourdon tube sensors, CSA, UL approvals. FM approval, explosion-proof enclosure available.

Use the model table below to cross-reference from Mercury switches to snap-action switches.

The Dwyer Mercoid DA/DS series has extremely high sensitivity and great repeatability. Adjustable deadband DA models are equipped with two external adjustments, one for setting high pressure operating point, the other for setting low pressure operating point. Deadband, the difference between high and low setpoints, is adjustable over the full-scale.

  • Ideal for use in compressors, pump control, and mechanical HVAC or process equipment.
  • Pressure ranges from full vacuum to 8000 PSIG
  • Also available in DS fixed deadband switch
  • Visible calibrated dial lets you check the switch without opening the case
  • Adjustable deadband reduces equipment wear-out by unnecessary recycling
  • External switch setpoint adjustments reduces set-up time
  • UL listed, CSA approved standard; FM approval available to meet the needs of rigorous process applications and regulations
  • General purpose, weatherproof or explosion-proof enclosures for indoor or outdoor use

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626.

Pressure RangeMinimum DeadbandReplaces Mercury SwitchModel Number
Brass Bourdon Tube Adustable Deadband SPDT Snap-Action Pressure Switch
10" HgVac-12 PSIG6 PSIGDA-31-153-3 DA-7031-153-3
25" HgVac-50 PSIG12 PSIGDA-31-153-27 DA-7031-153-27
1/8-15 PSIG6 PSIGDA-31-153-1 DA-7031-153-1
1/8-20 PSIG6 PSIGDA-31-153-3A DA-7031-153-3A
1-35 PSIG7.5 PSIGDA-31-153-4 DA-7031-153-4
2-60 PSIG9 PSIGDA-31-153-5 DA-7031-153-5
5-100 PSIG13.5 PSIGDA-31-153-6 DA-7031-153-6
5-150 PSIG24 PSIGDA-31-153-7 DA-7031-153-7
10-200 PSIG24 PSIGDA-31-153-8 DA-7031-153-8
10-300 PSIG37.5 PSIGDA-31-153-9 DA-7031-153-9
30-0" HgVac13.5" HgDA-31-153-2 DA-7031-153-2
316 Stainless Steel Bourdon Tube Adustable Deadband SPDT Snap-Action Pressure Switch
30" HgVac-75 PSIG15 PSIGDA-41-153-26E DA-7041-153-26E
5-75 PSIG12 PSIGDA-41-153-23E DA-7041-153-23E
10-100 PSIG15 PSIGDA-41-153-6E DA-7041-153-6E
10-150 PSIG16.5 PSIGDA-41-153-24E DA-7041-153-24E
10-300 PSIG42 PSIGDA-41-153-9E DA-7041-153-9E
30-400 PSIG78 PSIGDA-41-153-21E DA-7041-153-21E
75-800 PSIG180 PSIGDA-41-153-22E DA-7041-153-22E
200-2500 PSIG600 PSIGDA-41-153-13E DA-7041-153-13E
403 Stainless Steel Bourdon Tube Adustable Deadband SPDT Snap-Action Pressure Switch
30" HgVac-60 PSIG18 PSIGDA-21-153-25S DA-7021-153-25S
30" HgVac-75 PSIG22.5 PSIGDA-21-153-26S DA-7021-153-26S
2-60 PSIG13.5 PSIGDA-21-153-5S DA-7021-153-5S
5-100 PSIG19.5 PSIGDA-21-153-6S DA-7021-153-6S
10-200 PSIG22.5 PSIGDA-21-153-8S DA-7021-153-8S
10-300 PSIG28.5 PSIGDA-21-153-9S DA-7021-153-9S
25-600 PSIG67.5 PSIGDA-21-153-10S DA-7021-153-10S
40-350 PSIG30 PSIGDA-21-153-9AS DA-7021-153-9AS
50-1000 PSIG142.5 PSIGDA-21-153-11S DA-7021-153-11S
100-1500 PSIG195 PSIGDA-21-153-12S DA-7021-153-12S
300-2500 PSIG390 PSIGDA-21-153-13S DA-7021-153-13S
500-5000 PSIG1350 PSIGDA-21-153-15S DA-7021-153-15S
800-8000 PSIG2250 PSIGDA-21-153-16S DA-7021-153-16S
More Information
Measured Variable Gauge Pressure
Switch Output SPDT
Adjustment External Adjustment
Measuring Range Full Vacuum to 8000 PSIG
Wetted Materials Brass, 403 Stainless Steel, or 316 Stainless Steel
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