Dwyer 1630 Large Diaphragm Pressure Switches

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Precision diaphragm pressure switch for air and non-combustible gases in general service applications. Standard ranges from 0.05" to 12" WC. Pressure limits to 10 PSIG continuous, 25 PSIG surge. SPDT switch output. Visible setpoint indicator for ease of reading. UL, CSA listed, FM approved.

  • Typical applications include damper positioning, duct air control, air conditioning, and industrial service
  • Large diaphragm provides low range accuracy for precise control
  • Operating ranges from 0.05" to 12" WC
  • Pressure limits to 10 PSIG continuous, 25 PSIG surge
  • Screw-type setpoint adjustment with enclosed scale
  • Visible setpoint indicator simplifies operation and troubleshooting
  • SPDT switch output
  • 15-amp current loads support a broad range of HVAC and process applications with no need for additional relays and components
  • 1/8” NPTF process connection; Three screw-type electrical connections (common, normally open, and normally closed)
  • Optional MIL environmental construction or weatherproof housing

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626.

Pressure Range
Approximate DeadbandClick for Price
and Availability
 at Min Setpointat Max Setpoint
0.05" to 0.25" WC0.040.051638-0
0.20" to 1.0" WC0.040.061638-1
1.0" to 3.0" WC0.060.081638-2
2.0" to 6.0" WC0.070.251638-5
3.0" to 12" WC0.110.31638-10
4" 303SS Straight Static Pressure Tip with Flange A-489
4" 303SS Static Pressure Tip with Mounting Flange A-302F-A
More Information
Measured Variable Differential Pressure
Switch Output SPDT
Sensor Type Diaphragm
Adjustment Screwdriver Adjustment
Measuring Range 0.05” to 12” WC
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