DeZURIK BAW AWWA-Compliant Butterfly Valves

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DeZURIK BAW are designed to comply with AWWA C516 and C516 standards and are used for isolation service in clean water and gas applications.

Territory Restriction: DeZURIK/APCO/Hilton and Willamette appointed Lesman as its exclusive industrial representative in 2017. Lesman's DeZURIK territory includes the entire state of Illinois, Eastern Missouri, select counties in Northwest Indiana, and select western counties in Kentucky. DeZURIK customers outside the Lesman territory can find their local representative at

DeZURIK BAW butterfly valves are designed to comply with AWWA C504 and C516 requirements. They are used for shutoff operation in clean water and gases.
All BAW valves feature an offset disc design, corrosion-resistant shaft, stainless steel disc edge and self-compensating shaft seals. Valves 3" to 20" come with molded-in body seat with disc locators to provide positive sealing and longer seat life. Valves 24" to 144" include a replaceable seat, non-hollow disc structure, and rubber seat retained within a dovetail groove in the valve body and locked in place by an epoxy edge.

  • Available sizes 3" to 144" with flanged or mechanical joint end connections
  • 3" to 20" valves meet Class 150 requirements of ANSI/AWWA C504 standard
  • Sizes 20" to 120" comply with AWWA C504 requirements
  • Sizes 20" to 144" come in AWWA C504 Classes 25A, 75B, 150B and 250B
  • Good for temperatures up to 290° F
  • Compatible with manual gear (handwheel, chainwheel, square nut), cylinder and electric motor actuators
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