Anderson Greenwood PTM/PT7 Two-Valve Static Pressure Manifolds

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Anderson Greenwood PTM/PT7 two-valve calibration manifolds for use with static pressure transmitters, switches, or gauges.

Anderson Greenwood PTM/PT7 two-valve manifold functional diagramAnderson Greenwood PTM and PT7 are two-valve calibration manifolds for use with static pressure transmitters, switches, or gauges. They combine the functions of a shutoff valve, tee, and calibration valve with all immediate tubings/fittings in a single manifold for a savings of 20 to 30 percent, by eliminating the need for several parts during "piping up". Their compact design is great for applications where installation space is a premium.

The PT7 is available with an integral metal seat and extended high temperature rating for use in B31.1 applications. The PT7's metal seated bonnet assembly has a rotating stem with a free swive ball-type seat for long service life. The bonnet locking pin prevents accidental removal during service, and a protective dust cap helps contain the stem lubricant and prevent the influx of contaminants.

The PTM's valve seat can be converted from soft to hard by removing the seat and two insert flow washers. Its O-ring stem seal design isolates the stem threads from the process, preventing galling and corrosion.

  • Stainless steel body with integral seat; Other materials available
  • 1/2" NPT instrument and process connections, 0.136" diameter orifice size
  • Valve Cv max: 0.25 for hard seat, 0.24 for soft seat
  • Pressure Max: 6000 PSIG
  • Temperature Range: -70° to 1000°F

Model Selection Guide

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Inlet/Outlet Vent Body/Seat Bonnet Packing Options Click for Price
and Availability
1/2" tube stub1/2" NPTF316 SSGrafoil PT7HIS-4
1/2" tube stub1/2" NPTF316 SSGrafoil ASME B31.1PT7MHPS-4-XP
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