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Lesman News Update for April 2015

Lesman Training News

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Free Webinar: Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Thermal Energy Measurement

Join us on Tuesday, April 28 as Martin Dingman of Siemens talks about using non-intrusive flow measurement technology in HVAC applications.

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll learn:

  • Some basics about clamp-on, non-intrusive flow technology
  • How to measure BTU consumption without any pipe penetration
  • How to use the measurements to accurately bill departments or floors based on consumption numbers
  • Your questions answered: Live Q&A

Tuesday, April 28, 9:00am Central (10:00am Eastern)

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Recording Now Available

Please join us for the webinar. Or, if you're already booked then, register anyway and we'll let you know when the recording is posted to our website.

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Recording Now Available

Valve News

Integral Volume Booster for Siemens SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner

Integral Volume Booster for Siemens Pneumatic Actuators in High Flow Processes

Siemens’ Integral Volume Booster meets the high flow requirements needed to move large valves. It connects easily to the SIPART PS2 pneumatic actuator, directing a high volume air supply.

This feature eliminates the complex piping and additional fittings required with external volume booster devices, reducing material and labor costs as much as 60 percent. Plus, with the addition of an internal bypass valve, you can make small step changes to ensure accurate valve positioning and reduce overshoot.

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Learn more about the SIPART PS2 positioner, the IVB and other accessories.

Bestobell Steam Delta Element Steam Traps

Solving Steam Loss and Trap Failure Problems

Bestobell Delta Element steam traps are designed specifically to eliminate the two biggest problems with steam traps: steam loss and trap failure.

Their single-blade element, stainless steel internals, and built-in strainer and check valve make Delta Element steam traps last with minimal maintenance. Their energy-efficient design lets your process use more heat energy from both the steam and condensate.

They come with a three-year warranty against live steam loss up to 320 psi.

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In Stock at Lesman

In Stock
Products In Stock at Lesman

You Need It? Get It from Lesman Stock!

Time is money; and waiting for product from the factory or calling all over trying to find what you need are avoidable hassles. Save yourself the headache and make Lesman your first call for:

Lesman Online Training

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40+ Hours of Free Video Training

Are you short on training budget and time? Need to get your newer staff up to speed on technology and instrumentation? Over the last several years, Lesman has been producing webinars on much-needed topics, to help our customers make the most out of their instrumentation. And all of our webinars are available online, free to watch anytime you need them.

View these popular topics and more:

Visit the Lesman Training Center for a complete list of available recordings.

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New Lesman/RAECO Catalog!

New Lesman master catalog

Do you have the latest Lesman/RAECO catalog!

Are you still working from an old instrumentation catalog? There's no need. The new Lesman/RAECO catalog is here! It's full of technical data, specs, model selection guides, parts, current pricing and delivery information. It's been expanded to include new versions of popular instruments, as well as our full process valving offering, and an expanded industrial wireless products offering.

It also includes products available from RAECO and RAECO Rents, so you have your process instrumentation, valves, controls, detection, measurement, and analysis instruments all in one handy guide.

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