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Lesman News Update for March 2014

New from Honeywell

Smartline Advanced Display

Smart Transmitters In Stock at Lesman!

Lesman is now stocking popular ranges of Honeywell SmartLine ST700 and ST800 transmitters! All models shown here come with 4-20 mA output and HART® standard, and can be shipped to you the same day you order!

  • Differential Pressure Models:
    STD720: -400" to 400" H2O range, no display
    STD810: -10" to 10" H2O, no display
    STD810: -10" to 10" H2O, with digital display
  • Gauge Pressure Models:
    STG740: -14.7 to 500 PSI, dual head, with digital display
    STG74L: -14.7 to 500 PSI, in-line, no display
    STG77L: -14.7 to 3000 PSI, in-line, no display

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View full specs on SmartLine ST700 and ST800 models.

New from Siemens

Siemens SITRANS FC410 coriolis flowmeter for tight spaces

Quick delivery on compact coriolis flowmeters!

In our last e-news, we introduced you to the new Siemens SITRANS FC410 coriolis mass flowmeters. The FC410 comes in sizes from 0.5" to 3", with Modbus RTU output standard for quick integration to a PLC or SCADA system. It uses Siemens HemiShape flow tube for low pressure loss, and offers a flow rate accuracy to 0.1%.

Now, Siemens has made popular ranges available through their Quick Ship program. The models below are available to ship within 1-3 working days.

  • All models feature integral digital sensor link and Modbus transmitter (no direct display interface) with FM Class I, Div 1 approvals
  • 1/2" sensor with 150# flange
    [7ME4611-3GD11-1DH1-Z A16+B11+E14+F00]
  • 1" sensor with 150# flange
    [7ME4611-3LD11-1DH1-Z A16+B11+E14+F00]
  • 2" sensor with 150# flange
    [7ME4611-4CD11-1DH1-Z A16+B11+E14+F00]

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View full specs on the SITRANS FC410 coriolis mass flowmeter.

Siemens SITRANS FC410 coriolis flowmeter for tight spaces

Quick delivery on FC430 coriolis flowmeters!

Siemens award-winning SITRANS FC430 coriolis mass flowmeter combines a compact in-line mass flow sensor for liquids and solids with a high performance HART® transmitter. The FC430's small footprint sensor can also measure density and temperature of fluid in the flow stream. It was designed for high immunity to external and process noise, and 100Hz signal processing for fast data delivery

Three popular ranges are now available through Siemens Quick Ship program, so they can be ready to ship to you within 1-3 working days.

  • All sensors feature intgral transmitters, FM Class I, Div 1 approvals, and three configurable inputs and outputs.
  • 1/2" sensor with 150# flange
    [7ME4613-3GD11-1DH3-Z A16+B11+E06+F11]
  • 1" sensor with 150# flange
    [7ME4613-3LD11-1DH3-Z A16+B11+E06+F11]
  • 2" sensor with 150# flange
    [7ME4613-4CD11-1DH3-Z A16+B11+E06+F11]

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View full specs on the SITRANS FC430 coriolis mass flowmeter.

Our Next Webinar


Webinar: Choosing the Right Level Technology

Please join us on Tuesday, April 8, as SIEMENS' Mark Klee talks about the five most common level technologies — ultrasonic, radar, capacitance, pressure, and guided wave radar — focusing on strengths and weaknesses of each technology type, applications and environments where each technology works best and where they don't work well, selection criteria, and using Siemens application datasheets to help you choose the right technology, installation tips and tricks, ending with a live Q&A session.

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New Lesman master catalog

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