Honeywell Authorized Solutions Providers

If you have a project that requires complex control schemes, programming, or integration, we've got the resources for you! Through our Authorized Solutions Provider (ASP) network, we have service and integration companies that are trained and ready to help you implement your control strategy.

Providing Systems Integration Services to Meet Your Needs
Selecting Honeywell for your control needs means more than just choosing industry-leading control technology from a trusted supplier. Working in conjunction with Lesman, an authorized stocking representative, Honeywell ASPs provide expert integration of Honeywell solutions. This unique relationship between suppliers and Honeywell will ensure the fulfillment of all your control system needs: from planning, to implementation and startup, to post-installation technical support.
The Engineering Challenge
Full-time engineering support isn't always the most economical option for control solutions users, especially those with small applications. In-house staff may not have the expertise for efficient and thorough integration of certain devices and software. Often, the costs associated with full-time staff can't be justified when integration engineering needs are infrequent. While general systems integrators may be able to provide some services, they may lack the product-specific knowledge needed to complete an integration project efficiently and thoroughly. This can lead to underestimation of the project scope, cost overruns, or delayed startup.
The Honeywell ASP Solution
Honeywell ASPs provide systems integration services on an as-needed basis to customers of Honeywell control solutions (such as the HC900 hybrid control system). Working closely with Honeywell stocking representatives like Lesman, ASPs can quickly gauge a project's requirements in materials and implementation time, and then promptly execute the project. Because they are trained and certified by Honeywell to implement particular Honeywell products, they get the job done efficiently and thoroughly.
Scope of Service and Key Deliverables
Honeywell ASPs can offer a wide variety of services to satisfy unique customer requirements including definition of system requirements; preparation of system specifications; specification of system components; system configuration, programming, and documentation; cabinet and console design and fabrication; field installation; system staging and checkout; field startup assistance; progress reporting; and ongoing support.