Ronan Engineering Company

Ronan manufactures products that monitor and display industrial plant conditions in diverse industries. Ronan manufactured the first solid-state integrated circuit type annunciator and the first stand-alone microprocessor controlled annunciator.

Ronan Measurements Division designs and manufactures equipment for difficult process measurements using nuclear (non-contact radiometric) technology. Ronan's gauges are immune to many of the problems experienced with other technologies because they do not come into contact with the process (non-intrusive), and mount externally to the vessel, mold, pipe or conveyor, often with no modifications required. This technology is ideal for applications that involve high temperatures, viscous, non-conductive, hazardous or toxic materials, contained in sealed vessels or pipes.

Ronan FlexDetector Flexible Radiometric Device for Level Measurement
Rdiometric Weighing Systems
Ronan X96S Radiometric Weighing System for Bulk Solids Mass Flow