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Jordan Valve Mark 56 Air-Loaded Back Pressure Regulator

The Jordan Valve Mark 56 is an air-loaded back pressure regulator. It operates with a static air signal that is applied to the diaphragm of the product. This allows the system to determine the setpoint (which can be easily adjusted).

The Mark 56 has a turndown ratio of 40:1 and has no minimum differential pressure requirement. It can be regulated from a local station or from an optional remote station, and it can be controlled manually with a MK12 loading station or LowFlow JR regulator.

Key Specifications

  • Sizes: 1/4" through 6" (DN15 through DN150)
  • Turndown ratio 40:1
  • ANSI Class IV shutoff
  • Cvs up to 395 (340 Kv)
  • Setpoints: up to body rating

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

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