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Hex Valve HG47 Roddable Orifice Valve

Hex Valve’s HG47 is a roddable, hard seated orifice valve ideal for high temperature, viscous services. The HG47 provides full port, unrestricted flow in a compact design. With fewer components and leak points than other valves, the HG47 can help you cut costs while still maintaining a high quality process.

The HG47 has a non-rotating tip that eliminates seat galling and provides bubble-tight shutoff. It also has an OS&Y bolted bonnet with weld or threaded connections and the packing is below the threads to prevent lubricant wash out and corrosion.

Key Specifications

  • OS&Y bolted bonnet with threaded inlet and outlet
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel body with 316 SS seat insert
  • TFE or graphite packing below threads

Supporting Documentation
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