ReoTemp Vapor Actuated Remote Reading Dial Thermometer

ReoTemp remote vapor thermometers are manufactured to the highest standards for a wide range of uses, and can be fitted into almost any temperature-indicating application. They are ideal for remote panel installations. Because they are vapor-actuated, these thermometers are not subject to indicator error from ambient temperature variations along the capillary tube, so they provide excellent readings above and below conditions.

Key Specifications

  • Dial Sizes 2", 2.5", 3.5" and 4.5" and Capillary Lengths from 5 to 100 Feet
  • Aluminum Dials, White Finish with Black Markings
  • Brass Movement with Precision Gearing, Phosphor Bronze Bourdon Tube
  • Accuracy to ±1 Scale Division
  • Fahrenheit or Dual Fahrenheit/Celsius Ranges Available from -40° to 450°F

Supporting Documentation
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