United Electric (UE) 54 Series General Service Pressure Switches

UE's 54 Series offers the OEM a combination of reliable performance and low cost. Available in pressure and temperature versions, with single or dual SPDT outputs and enclosed or open frame (skeleton) construction, the 54 Series family provides design versatility.

Low cost single SPDT output pressure switches are in stock at Lesman, available for immediate delivery. Aluminum pressure connections and Buna-N diaphragm and O-ring construction. Limited to use in process temperatures below 200°F.

Key Specifications

  • NEMA 1 or Open Frame Construction
  • SPDT or Dual Switch Outputs
  • Reference Dial or Hex Adjustment
  • Adjustable Ranges from 30" HgVac to 6000 PSI
  • UL, CSA, and CE Approvals
  • Many Models Available from Stock

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman switch catalog PDF Lesman Catalog Section: Pressure and Temperature Switches 1.6MB
UE Switch PDF United Electric Switches Application Datasheet Faxback Form 16KB
UE Choosing a Mechanical Switch PDF United Electric's Guide to Choosing a Mechanical Switch 136KB
Adobe PDF United Electric Series 54 General Service Mechanical Switch Specification Bulletin 1.1MB
Adobe PDF UE Series 54 General Service Mechanical Pressure Switch Installation and Maintenance Instructions 439KB
Adobe PDF UE Series 54 Sprinkler Service Pressure Switch Installation and Maintenance Instructions 230KB

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