Honeywell T775 Electronic Remote Thermostats for Boiler Temperature Control

With integral high and low limit controls, multiple SPDT outputs, graphical display, easy interface, and sensor calibration in a single unit, the Honeywell T775 electronic remote temperature controller puts an end to add-on costs.

It includes an integral time clock scheduler with setback and disable output options, an NEMA 4 enclosure, configurable integral and derivative times, and reset programming.

Key Specifications

  • On/off or analog controller for applications where electronic accuracy and remote sensing of temperature is required
  • Two sensor inputs, four SPDT relay outputs
  • 1000-foot maximum distance to sensor
  • Graphical interface, large display, and intuitive programming save time on installation
  • Protects equipment from overheating with modulating high or low limit control
  • Setpoint temperature range -40° to 248°F, differential temperature 1° to 150°F

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application. Click the model number to order in our secure online store.

Models Available to Buy Online at
If the model you need isn't listed here, call Lesman Inside Sales at 800-953-7626.
Electronic temperature control with two temperature inputs, four SPDT relay outputs, floating output option. 
Replaces models T775A1027, T775A1035, T775B1018, T775B1026, and T775B1042.
Includes one sensor P/N 50002159-001


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