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Honeywell Eclipse PRA6 Programmable Rotary Actuator

The Eclipse PRA6 rotary actuator is an exceptional control for industrial burners, valves, and dampers. It is typically used with an electronic controller to provide precise process temperature regulation. The actuator's drive shaft attaches directly to a butterfly valve and rotates the valve to adjust flow to a burner.

Key Specifications

  • Display indicates the shaft position and direction of travel
  • Four-button keypad for local manual position control, plus access to stroke adjustment, rotation direction, and auxiliary switch settings
  • Adjustments are set digitally to ensure precision and reliability
  • Multiple inputs (including 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC) for positioning
  • Two adjustable auxiliary outputs for position feedback
  • Space-saving design can be mounted in any orientation

Supporting Documentation
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